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The DNA sequence for Covid-19 Matches the DNA sequence of Homosapien Chromosome ID: NC , 00008.11
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Great Scot at Enochville
Published 10 months ago |
Please Review immediately. Pause where needed. Please get this out to mask wearers immediately. Especially those doing it in front of children. This collective child tramayizing must stop. It's time this satanic ritualistic Masquerade ended y'all. And this ends It all Dead in its tracks. Do it Momma's . Let us all hear y'all roar! Do it #foC - #forourChildren y'all. Help get this Intel out and about. From everyone's lips to everyone's ears please. /
This is irrefutable undeniable Beyond the shadow of a doubt prima facie evidence of there being no so called covid-19 Coronavirus being Tested for y'all. What's being sequenced by the Polymerase Chain Reaction~Kary Mullis' PCR~DNA-RNA Patented replicating - manufacturing technique? Now being used as the covid-19 - Coronary Test. IT's sequencing Homosapien Chromosome GRCH38.p12 Primary assembly sequence ID: NC , 00008.11.
That is us. We are the virus they're looking for y'all looking for y'all .
Thanks in advance
Hugs y'all
Chris aka Max

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