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Report 254| Chris Haskell, Legendary Geo Eng. Chem Trails Activist on SIgns, Chem Trails, Tucson
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Ramola D Reports
Published 2 years ago |
MANY THANKS TO CHRIS HASKELL FOR ALL IMAGES, VIDEOS AND STILLS INCLUDED WITH THIS INTERVIEW. (All images of signs and chem trails in Tucson are from Chris Haskell or stills from his video footage.)

Inspiring and informative conversation with Chris Haskell, legendary InfoWarrior and signs-activist on chem trails and geoengineering from Tucson, Arizona, on the subject of his extraordinary signs to raise public awareness and inform the public on the dangers of the spraying being carried out with military planes—a project still ongoing, which carries with it many cover stories and cover ups. Chris Haskell was one of the early activists from the 2000s—around 2007 he reports—who first began to ask questions about the streaks of white in the sky which plumed out across miles into clouds, while huge amounts of barium, aluminium and other metals began to show up in ground water and snow.

Ostensible “geoengineering” programs, public exposure of which came later, do not answer for the strange mixture of ingredients found to rain down on us all, by Clifford Carnicom's work and by a few others—red blood cells, parasites, fungi among this mix. Others, including doctors like Dr. Russell Blaylock began to report the effects of chem trails and their aluminium and mercury content on patients' health, particularly in the rise of neurological disorders while Dr. Marvin Herndon reported on the presence of mercury in aerosolized coal fly ash, and Rosalind Peterson reported on the effects on farmland and agriculture to the UN. The study of nanoparticles and synthetic biology polymers from these and other researchers points to a pervasive aerosol assault on humanity and the unfolding of a secretive yet insistent transhumanist agenda which seeks to merge biological life with machines and AI. Clearly some very dark operations are being run, and the geoengineers who claim the need to block out the sun and curb the chimera of “global warming” like David Keith and Ken Caldeira don't seem to care that people are sickening from the effluent released into the atmosphere and polluting our air, water, soil, and lungs.

Chris Haskell's campaign to inform the public was run on his own, and invoked the ire of local city officials and those power-brokers and transhumanizers behind the chem trails projects to the extent that elaborate efforts were taken by NSA, FBI, Sheriffs, state and local police to frame him as a white-powder-on-signs-spraying “domestic terrorist” and arrest him on false charges. While in custody he was subjected to attempted forced confession interrogations and accused of making explosives with his ingredients (crystals and resin) for making orgonite. Chris relays the experience of unlawful arrest he was subjected to, including with K-9 terrorism, and the inability of his lawyer to prevent plea deals and a one-year house-arrest. This is on top of being beaten up literally to death by gangsters who turn out to include local Tucson police—an incredible experience of aggression in 2011 which left him with a broken skull and memory issues, he reports. This attack came directly after calls with the What in the World are you Spraying film team to send them some of his footage.

Chris also relays run-ins with FBI informants who sought to invoke terroristic activities, offering to obtain RPGs and other implements to “bring down planes” which caused him to call them out as planted FBI agent provocateurs. It is clear that FBI was working hard to discredit his activism and public image—and keep him from returning to his public awareness campaigns. Learning about people being paid huge amounts to remove his signs from telephone poles also establishes that someone wanted those signs removed at any cost.

It is miraculous really that Chris survived the incident of being beaten up—he relays the many seemingly supernatural aspects of this event including leaping off the gurney to advise his neurosurgeon on what to do to save him and speaking fluently in an unrecognizable “alien” language.

Chris also ran his own news show Real News Tucson and worked as indy media, taking his own footage of the chem trails, much of which can be found at his Youtube channel HaskellFilmZ. He was also featured on Tucson Channel 4, KOLD, with meteorologist Chuck George interviewing him (clip enclosed), someone who later left his job and stated to Chris on a chance encounter that he was “tired of telling lies about the spraying.”
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