The Current Trajectory of Society Is Not "Sustainable"- The Heaviness of Prophecy/ Sword of the Lord
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NnEMFs, cognitive decline, food shortages, the financial system…. The current trajectory of society is not “sustainable.”

We know from careful studying that Pharmakeia will wax worse and worse. We know from our studies that great testing is coming upon the entire world. I pondered whether or not to share this, but have decided to do so, to show that while I do have great, great joy and hope, it is also a burden to know the truth. We are to be masters of our mind and emotions, not permit them to run rampant and control us. But knowing what is coming is bound to cause some feelings now and then, which is why I decided to share this with you.

It is far better to be master of your mind and emotions than to be master of your possessions!

This discussion includes a superficial look at Ezekiel 21, 22, and 23.

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