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(Globalist) China’s New Silk Road | China's Military Ports | Documentary | Expansionism
Published 17 days ago

China’s New Silk Road - China has built high speed train rail to transport from China to France in 14 days. China also built a military port and ultra modern railway to Ethiopia and invested billions into projects like these for Chinese expansionism since 2013.

China’s New Silk Road (2019)
Director: Elvire Berahya Lazarus
Genre: Documentary
Country: France
Language: English
Release Date: January 20, 2019 France (internet)

Chinese president XI Jinping has named it the ‘project of the century.’ Since 2013 China has invested billions into bringing the ‘Middle Kingdom’ to the forefront of global economics and international politics.

What China has baptised ’The New Silk Road’ allows a pair of trainers to be transported by train from China to France in less than two weeks. But they also act as a vehicle for a wave of Chinese expansionism across the world.

In Gwadar, Pakistan, China is excavating a giant port, as well as a spectacular highway that crosses the Himalayas, in order to open the doors to the warm seas. At the limits of their Russian borders in central Asia, along a new railway line that serves Europe, Chinese entrepreneurs have installed special economic zones and casinos in the middle of the desert. Further afield than Beijing, in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, the Chinese state has recently established a military port, a stone’s throw from the American and French bases, as well as building an ultra modern railway serving Ethiopia. In the wake of these movements, Chinese businesses are swooping down on east African markets, hoping to make the region one of the new workshops of the world.

"It owns almost 3/4th of some of the African countries debt.. in next 15 years, it has planned to invest $62 billions in Pakistan on railway tracks and few 'not yet disclosed' projects.. under One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative which was started 8 years ago, it is developing a strategic global infrastructure and started investing in close to 70 countries!!! OBDR or better known as new Silk Road, it has laid down the 10,000 kms long railway track that is carrying all its goods from its southwestern city to Germany taking 15 days with 60 drivers take shifts.... There is no product or commodity that this monstrous red giant can nor make or produce or sell!!!! Not only satellites, cars or cloths but also any other country-specific staple food products as halal meat that it launched in Pakistan!!! It is targeting to capture the electric cars market as it manufactures (Changan) cars that cost 1/3rd of any European or American electric car! This manufacture has a capacity to produce 1 car every 53 seconds!!!!!!

Imagine a life in 2040... when Chinese would be an international language alongside English, most of the working people in the world will be reporting to Chinese bosses, Chinese New Year would be an international festival, the local skills, talents, businesses will become a history, China will preside at UN , NATO, WTO .... May have overstated and exaggerated but what a horrifying picture .. just imagining it makes our blood run cold... Watch *China's New Silk Road*”

- written by "samabc-31952" on
🎥 Watch: BUT OF COURSE!!! This is it!! THIS is why the Gaza Strip must be cleared in YET ANOTHER globalist crime syndicate LAND GRAB!! No more circumventing of the Gaza Strip!! SMH.. The globalist OBOR! 🤬😡 
🎥 Watch: SOMEONE ELSE AWOKE‼️ He only did not connect the dots to the globalist OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative (YET) -- But the world WILL KNOW THIS SOON! 

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