My Blue Sky
44 views • 12/16/2019
c.2009 Mike Caraway

1) My blue sky has been turned into a white mist
That makes my breath hiss and burns my eyes,
They call it global warming, tall story, cold jive,
I can see the trails spread after the jets fly by,
Cheatin hood toad with his good ole boys and girls
Propagating their waste over God’s sweet world,
Have to answer for each child’s future they made void
And all the natural and human life they have destroyed,
So all those fancy-pants sycophants with mouths full of lies
Better think about how to bring back My Blue Sky!

2) I hear promises of safety, peace, and freedom
From products, rulers, gurus, stars, and the mass medium,
Their war on the truth uses fear to hold control,
Manufacturing disasters with the powers they stole,
They dump irons in our waters, spray tiny chains overhead,
Here comes the safety, peace, and freedom of the walking dead,
They say they’ll geo-engineer the globe in every which way,
So we’ll never have to pay attention, never have to pray,
But the thing I want most none of them will supply,
I don’t need their promises, I just want to link up to My Blue Sky!

3) My friends and I don’t want aerosols of iron,
Barium, aluminum making the air and ground dry,
Or self-levitating particles to block out sunlight,
Breathin pathogens designed to attack us on the sly,
Or algae grown to eat carbon, or weather warfare,
Or that magnetic brain train to genetic disrepair,
Or terminator seeds or green companies on the take,
Or those curly light-bulbs that poison you when they break,
May all that witchcraft be burned by the fire from on high,
Each of us just wants to fly, and to return to My Blue Sky!
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