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Cloward-Piven Strategy to Bring Down America 1
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Published 4 months ago

Colombia University Sociology Professor's and Lovers Richard Cloward, & Frances Fox Piven developed a Strategy to overwhelm the U.S. Government with excessive deficit spending on Entitlement Programs such as Welfare, Medicare & Medicaid Cloward & Piven found a keen Protege in their mutual Columbia University Student Barack Hussein Obama who in his defacto 3rd going on 4th Term is hellbent on using an overwhelming scourge of Soros Funded Migrants to "Finish the Job" of Finishing the United States even as Washington District of Criminals is debating about a potential government Default if the debt ceiling is not raised yet again. It is now crystal clear that the Migrant crisis is designed to result in U.S. Civil War 2.0 as racial & ethnic tensions are inflaming current entitlement recipients as the new Migrants are now receiving U.S. Government hand outs in preferential order in place of U.S. Citizens. 


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