Why I Don't Do XMAS Anymore (Like I Used too)
40 views • 12/25/2021
Christmas used to be about the Birth of Jesus Christ, but now it is just all about spending money at the mall, purchasing things people don't need. It has become Santa Claus Day, or i like to call it "HO HO DAY" and i will write it down like this "Xmas".
After doing some serious soul searching and doing research into the origins of this holiday, (see they can't even spell it right, it is supposed to be Holy Day, but we are pretty good at redefining and respelling words that meant something spiritual once upon a time.) I have concluded that the early Christian church, decided to align themselves with lucifer, shortly after they elevated a man to be the pope (leader of the church, the voice of God on earth, the Vicar of Christ).
In doing my research i have discovered many things that disturbed me. Things that i held to be true my whole life, was being broken and shattered right before my very eyes. EVERYTHING THE CHURCH CLAIMS AS THEIRS, LIKE TRADITIONS, FESTIVALS, SACRED HOLY DAYS, IT WAS ALL ADAPTED FROM PAGAN ORIGINS. NONE OF IT IS ORIGINAL! it was all stolen even baptism, was stolen from the pagans. This video should help those who wonder why this time of the year doesn't seem right anymore. Because it ISN'T RIGHT AT ALL!!! And for the record... Holi is not Holy.
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