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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #224
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-02-16

Topics: 2020: A Freedom Odyssey - Will Humanity Become A Type 1 Civilization?, Potential release date for "Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law" documentary at SEED 4 Conference, Moving past the Anarchadelphia 2019 drama, How the "Court of Public Opinion" would work in a society based in true Anarchy, Fundraising effort to complete the Natural Law documentary, the Kardashev Scale of Civilizations, Type I/Planetary Civilizations, Type II/Stellar Civilizations, Type III/Galactic Civilizations, Humanity’s progress in Consciousness, Where humanity rates on the Kardashev Scale, the Human condition of the Slavery of Humanity, False Love vs. Agape, Nothing has Real Value in the condition of Slavery, Freedom as Total Possibility, Slavery as the Destruction of Possibility, Apophasis, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick's decision regarding the "2,000,000 Year Cut," Earth has been turned into a Prison Planet, Government IS Slavery, Most people still don’t know that Government is Slavery, the breakdown of Ego to be able to see Truth, there are only Two Solutions to all Human Problems: Philosophy and Technology, Philosophy solves Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Inter-Personal problems, Technology solves Physical/Pragmatic Problems, Most people still don’t understand Occultism and Natural Law, for humanity to advance to a Type I technological civilization it must advance Spiritually, ALL forms of Religion are holding Humanity back from becoming a Type I Civilization, Polarization Dialectics, Slaves fighting against other Slaves, Memory as Humanity's "Sixth Sense," Understanding past mistakes of Humanity or repeating them endlessly, Most people have no Memory for History, True Scientific Methodology vs. Scientism, the Trivium Process of Truth Discovery, the critical difference between Having Knowledge vs. Understanding Knowledge vs. Doing The Right Thing With Knowledge, Teaching Natural Law, there are not enough modern teachers of Natural Law, Armchair Quarterbacks, Most people are Doing Nothing while complaining about others’ Work, Getting Involved and being part of the Solution, the prevalence of Atheism and a total Lack of Spirituality in Human Civilization, Logical Anti-Religionism vs. Reactionary Anti-Religionism, the so-called Freedom Movement's lack of acknowledgement and understanding of Natural Law, Karma and Free Will, Right and Wrong are not decided by Human Beings, the dominance of Atheists in the so-called Freedom Movement, how Atheism is the Great Destroyer Of Freedom, No Atheist can ever be a True Anarchist, Moral Relativism in "Freedom Movement," the completely out-of-control Human Ego, the ME-ME-ME Society, Most people are De-facto Satanists, Most people are completely Spiritually Sick and don't know they are Sick or how to become Well, what True Wellness is, the Multiple Dimensions of Wellness, Shadow Work and how to do it, why most people would rather die than do shadow work, Gratitude as the Currency Of The Future.

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