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How Not to Be Fooled Again in 2021 With All The Fear-mongering About "Variants" and "Case Numbers"
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Published 3 years ago
It is time we take our lives back and quit listening to the so-called experts. It is time we take action. It is a GOOD thing that only 2.7 million people have been vaccinated. There is something WRONG with a vaccine that has to be kept at temperatures so extremely cold to maintain its so-called effectiveness. Vaccines are the cause of variants. Don't let them lie to you. This did not show up until we started with vaccines! That variants will be mutations to overcome the vaccine and they will be harder to eradicate. WE WERE WARNED ABOUT THIS and I did a video about it with a title close to the same name.

Don't fall for the same mind games in 2021. It is time to say enough is enough and start doing what we can to stop this madness. IF WE QUIT PAYING UP TO $39,000 PER TEST, THEY WILL MIRACULOUSLY GO AWAY. QUIT MAKING IT PROFITABLE FOR THEM TO TEST! They quit testing for flu, because they don't make any money off it!
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