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Hair hat uses Gorilla glue spray on hair, can't get it off, goes viral, starts gofundme, gets paid
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A Louisiana woman who sprayed her own hair with Gorilla Glue has hacked off her ponytail in a desperate attempt to relieve her suffering after spending 22 hours in the ER where doctors burned her head with acetone in a failed bid to dissolve the adhesive that has been stuck in her locks for over a month.

Tessica Brown, 40, from Violet, made yet another attempt to end her sticky situation by enlisting a hairstylist to hack off her lengthy ponytail on Tuesday - before revealing that she is going to fly to Los Angeles to visit a plastic surgeon who says he can finally dissolve the glue once and for all.

In a newly-released video, Tessica is seen sitting with her head in her hands while a hairdresser applies Goof Off superglue remover to her locks in the hopes of softening her rock-hard hair enough to cut through it with scissors.

'We've been using acetone every day trying to soften it up,' Tessica's hairstylist explains at the start of the clip, while applying the Goof Off.

'It kind of feels like it may have softened up a bit, but we're going to use this [Goof Off]. We have some on here already but I'm going to add a little more and then we're just going to cut this whole ponytail off and try to let it breathe a little bit.'

Using a large pair of orange-handled kitchen scissors, the hairdresser begins hacking off the ponytail near the base, getting as close to Tessica's head as possible and leaving her with just a short tuft poking out of the back of her head.

But while her attempt to cut off the thick ponytail was successful, the hairstylist admits that the move made no difference to the rock-hard hair covering Tessica's head - which she set in place with glue after running out of hairspray more than a month ago.

'So this is kind of what it looks like now,' the hairdresser explains while showing off the short tuft at the back of Tessica's head. 'I was able to get the ponytail off, but it's still not opening it up as you all can see.

'It's still kind of hardened so we're not letting the air in too much, but there's a little opening right there. So she might get a little bit of air out of there but not much because it's still pretty hard.'

In an Instagram update shared after her failed trip to the hairstylist, Tessica revealed that she will now travel to Los Angeles in order to meet with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who claims that he can remove the glue from her head once and for all.

'I will be leaving tomorrow to go see a surgeon,' she wrote, while thanking her new legion of followers for their concern.

Dr. Michael Obeng reached out to Tessica to offer his assistance, claiming that he can remove the adhesive with medical-grade glue dissolver, although he believes the process could take up to three days.

According to TMZ, the procedure would ordinarily cost a staggering $12,500, although Dr. Obeng has told Tessica he will do it for free.

'I will update you guys the second I have news,' Tessica concluded her post. 'Again thank you so much.'

Since Tessica first shared her story on TikTok last week, she has racked up hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media accounts; she now has more than 780,000 fans on the video-sharing app, while her Instagram has more than 696,000.

Her Instagram account has even been verified with a blue check, something that is usually only given to celebrities and public figures.

She has also updated her bio to include an email address for her new manager - suggesting that she may have already been sent partnership opportunities by brands eager to capitalize on the viral interest surrounding her sticky saga.

Tessica has already managed to translate the drama into cold hard cash after setting up a GoFundMe account that had topped $15,000 in donations as of Tuesday evening - having only been live for a matter of hours.

She has not yet shared details of what she plans to use the money for, however some of it may go towards the bills from her 22-hour trip to the ER during which doctors tried all manner of treatments in an attempt to remove the glue from her hair.

Sources told TMZ on Monday that healthcare professionals applied acetone to Tessica's scalp, however this reportedly only burned her scalp and made the glue sticky again before it dried up - leaving her with the same rigid 'do she started with.
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