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15 Wilderness Bushcraft Skills For Surviving 100 Days Alone in the Wild | Brought to you by History
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Published 2 years ago
15 Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Skills for surviving 100 days alone in the outdoors. This video is sponsored by History. Here are a few handy wilderness survival tips that I would want to know when having to survive alone in the outdoors. It is said there are four pillars of survival: Water, Fire, Shelter and Food. In this episode I show you how to unlock each one of these pillars and give you the knowledge that just might help you when alone in the wilderness. From collecting water from plants, to building primitive bushcraft shelters with your bare hands. How to catch fish with a handline, and light a fire with no lighter, matches or man made material.

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0:00 - Intro
1:33 - Finding Water
2:48 - Water from Plants
3:40 - Retaining Water
4:00 - Wood Water Container
4:23 - A Frame Shelter
6:35 - Gathering Moss
7:18 - Ferrocerium Rod Fire
8:29 - Flint & Steel Fire
9:31 - Bowdrill
11:44 - Hand Drill
12:05 - Foraging Wild Edibles
13:32 - Hobo Handline
15:01 - Netting (Drop Net)
15:48 - Foraging Crayfish
16:34 - Woodcraft

More Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Skills:

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