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** INFOWARS Global Exclusive: General Michael T. Flynn ** - Lays Out Plan To Save America And The World – Jones/Flynn – 17/Nov/2021
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- The Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones – 17/Nov/2021
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-- General Michael Flynn joins Alex Jones and Infowars to deliver an emergency plan that identifies and brings to justice the globalists entrenched in America’s government.
During this exclusive interview, Flynn breaks down how America is under attack by bad actors across the world who are aided by traitors within the country.
Also, Flynn stresses the importance for informed Americans to collectively inspire mass awareness to the globalist operation via The Great Awakening.
Watch & share this emergency plea for all good men and women to come together to stop evil and save our children's future! You can fins out more about General Flynn's Plan
** Comment:
We need to take this bull by the horns! General Flynn, Patrick Burns, Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell have all exposed the Globalist Deep States tactics during the 2020 Elections.
The Conservative election victories that happened in Virginia are exactly what needs to happen nationwide.
-- Patrick Burns –

-- Mike Lindell --

Our country is and has been under attack by the Globalists for decades. America’s Silent Majority has been just that, silent. Allowing the Globalist to run our elections into the ground with in your face treason needs to be confronted by We The People.
Sitting on your couch on election night watching them steal the election is not going to do it. We need to take them down at the source by monitoring every move they make during the cheating processes. At the polls, at the ballot counting centers of each and every county is where, We The People, need to be.
They win only if we fail to keep them in check. Election nights should be considered the most important night that Constitutional Patriots, to the Republic, monitor in order to keep our freedoms.
This Deep State Deception also needs to be attacked from the Top Down. If the Silent Patriot Majority cannot get Congress to address this treasonous election fraud then the fraud needs to be taken down by other means.
Electronic voting machines are known weapons used by the Globalist Deep State Democrats. It has been proven that these machines have been used to manipulate election fraud by foreign countries and are key to their cheating process. Patriots should prevent the election process that involves the use of these cheating machines in all local, state and federal elections. The voting machines need to be removed. The voting machines need to be eliminated at all costs to prevent foreign interference in all future elections.
The time to act is now! Organize and get involved with the election processes, and take it over. Arrest and expose collaborators who continue to push their Globalist Deep State Treasonous agenda to commit election fraud so that they always win. This is how “We The People” will ensure our true representation. Everything counts, from Top Down to Bottom Up involvement.
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