Three Magical Minutes - "The Magicians" Finale Decoded (4 of ?)
72 views • 12/01/2021
In the previous installment, we featured the scene where the magicians developed a daring and very ambitious plan. As the magicians set off on their quest to round up everyone and everything needed for their plan, the first scene of their quest reveals a failure to obtain a component that wasn't actually crucial. We decode some of that, but the major focus is on a three minute long sequence, and what primes us for that as a segue. This sequence begins with the 12th minute, followed by the 13th minute, where 12 appears on the elapsed time counter, and it ends with the minute where 13 appears on the elapsed time counter. That provides an inherent undercurrent of time and the mastery of time, and this same span inherently evokes Code 666. What makes all this so notable in this show's finale is what happens during this span that resonates with those codes, AND ESPECIALLY what we find with the time binding at the transitions!

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