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PROOF OF CRIMINAL DECEIT "COVID-19" November 18, 2020, Crete Greece (Please See Eng Transcript on Description) Citizen Recording EMPTY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL while ON DUTY amid 2nd LOCK-DOWN PLAN-DEMIC..
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Ta Nea einai Allou
Published 10 months ago |
PROOF OF CRIMINAL DECEIT "COVID-19" November 18, 2020, Crete Greece - Citizen Recording EMPTY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL while ON DUTY amid 2nd LOCK-DOWN PLAN-DEMIC…

Video Transcript in English:

The reporting citizen speaking himself while recording:

• 00:02 minute while still being outside the Hospital, he says: “This is November 18 of 2020 current time is 08:00 pm… There is a literally Dead-Silence… there is nothing moving… take a look at the hospital, I am moving towards the ‘Emergencies’ to see what’s going on”

Then he is entering the hospital

• 00:39 minute he says: “Vending machine for surgical masks”

• 00:49 minute to 00:55 minute he is passing by the Snacks & Coffees kiosk located inside the hospital premises where the voices of the kiosk and other hospital employees are heard

• 01:25 minute he says: “Let’s see until when” (obviously meaning when he will be seeing other people being inside the hospital at the time)

• 01:32 minute: the camera is clearly showing to the viewers a sign in Greek, on the wall, showing the visitors, directions to the various Departments of the hospital

• 02:37 minute he says: “This that you are seeing now, is the hospital’s surveillance CCTV cameras system monitoring all areas of the hospital premises”…

• 02:53 minute he is actually SHOUTING OUT (!): “EXCUSE ME! IS ANYBODY HERE???”…

• 03:01 minute, and after getting NO REPLY to his previous loud call, he says: “There is NOT Anybody here, Nowhere”…!!!

• 03:13 minute he says: “Let’s go to the Intensive Care Unit now”…

• 03:19 minute he says again: “Let’s go to the Intensive Care Unit now”…

• 03:41 minute he says: “Heavily Loaded / packed with people… of course, I can’t deny that… we can all see… I imagine…”

• 03:52 minute he says: “Here is the Intensive Care Unit”

• 04:17 and on 04:26 minute he turns his camera twice to show to the viewers the “High Dependency Unit” sign hanging from the ceiling…

• 04:42 minute the camera is clearly showing to the viewers an “Intensive Care” sign (written in Greek only) hanging from the ceiling…

• 04:45 minute the camera is now clearly showing to the viewers a couple of EMPTY BEDS just being left in the unit’s corridor…

• 04:55 minute he says: “Intensive Care”…

• 05:10 minute the camera is clearly showing to the viewers the Greek sign right on a door reading: “Clinic of Intensive Care, Director, Professor Dr. MD Georgopoulos Dimitrios”

• 05:59 minute the reporting citizen passes from the Main Reception of the hospital on his way out of it.

Brief information about the “University General Hospital of Heraklion”:

This is the REAL situation in a major national regional hospital in Greece, the "University General Hospital of Heraklion" in the capital city of the island of Crete, Amid the "2nd wave" of the "COVID-19" PLAN-DEMIC and Amid the Nation-wide 2nd General National "LOCK-DOWN" since November 7th, 2020, initially scheduled to last for 3 weeks, and already prolonged for another 2 additional weeks, and while the Greeks are being 24/7 intensively "bombarded" by the (well pre-paid with government funds...) national and private "Media" for a so called "Overloaded Health Care System due to the immense and unfortunately (so called) still "increasing numbers of covid-19 cases, intensively taken care of, and (so called) deaths because of it"...

THIS IS ONE of many PROOFS of DECEIT and CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE of this country, on behalf of the "government", the "political system" in its entirety, the "judicial system", the "Academia" and the Health Care practitioners (via their "silence" and / or support), and of course via the so called "MEDIA" whom have very recently, and just shortly prior to this 2nd "Lock-down", on October 27, 2020 been FUNDED by the "gov" with 2,000,000 (2 millions) euros... which was among the First "measures" the "gov" took in order to better prepare (relative article in Greek here:
This NOT including the HUGE COVERT FUNDING of the PROPAGANDA "covid-19" PLAN-DEMIC...

People been BRAIN-WASHED, everywhere... And without considering well hidden knowledge, not even taught in Medical Schools about since long ago Extremely Harmful Effects of Artificial "EMF" Radiation which just a few Honest Scientists and Researchers, although Banned from the Mainstream Media have been talking & writing about. Good example being the well scientifically documented book of Arthur Firstenberg “The Invisible Rainbow"...

Video initially published on November 19, 2020 on YT by “Focus FM 103.6” from Thessaloniki Greece:

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