Metatron, ETs, Ascended Masters Help w/5D Personal Mandela Effects w/Tamra Oviatt: Merkaba Chakras #108
41 views • 03/15/2023
Today, we talk about how we all jump between different timelines and parallel realities with our own consciousness and how we can raise our aura frequencies into higher dimensions of reality by reprogramming our unconscious beliefs about reality with author, Mrs. Tamra Oviatt. For more information about Mrs. Tamra Oviatt’s offerings, please visit her website:

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Listen to the AUDIO podcast here. The RSS goes out to 170 directories worldwide:

Hz Frequencies of Buddhist Chant Research Study:
Mandela Effects & Parallel Realities:

Archangel Metatron & Tree of Life: ,

Meditation & mindfulness research proves people of higher consciousness connected to God within and each other, release energy healing gamma brain waves that affect the physical world positively regardless if 99% of the world is stuck in negativity.

Dr. Peter Gariaev on Wave Genetics (healing and changing DNA w/light):  ,

Dr. Dzang Kangeng on DNA upgrades & changes via light energy healing modalities:

Everyone is a unique energetic DNA signature. You can image your own merkaba/mandala:

Dr. David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness:

To learn more about Von Galt metaphysical work:

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