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Global Health News Episode #20 | Cancer-Fighting Foods | DIY Cleaning Supplies | Healing With Hemp
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The Truth About Cancer
Published a month ago |
Intermittent fasting... what is it and why should we practice it? It’s important that we not deprive ourselves of the fuel we need, but stay aware of HOW MUCH we are consuming.

The truth about snacking... tune in to hear Charlene’s suggestions on what to stock your pantry with so you always have snacks prepped and ready to eat. Making snacking easy may just be the next step in your health journey.

Discover the top 5 cancer-fighting foods (oh yes.. we’ve even included a list of fermented foods)! Looking for more cancer-fighting foods? Here are 7 foods that will help you kick cancer to the curb:

Did you know that green tea contains EGCG, which fights cancer?

Next up… nontoxic home cleaning tips! The Bollingers share recipes for DIY cleaning supplies and how to substitute essential oils for conventional cleaning agents.

Find out what technology China and other countries are using to identify people. Although it’s groundbreaking tech, does it pose a threat to our privacy?

We’ll also learn about an addictive substance 5, 000 times more potent than heroin that is wreaking havoc on the dark web.

Lastly… have you considered using hemp to combat cancer, digestive disorders, and more?

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