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4 British Airways Pilots Dead of Blood Clots in just ONE Week. These commercial airline pilots have to be in good health just to hold their jobs and it is rare to see one pilot die a year working for the Airlines.
The airline industry is forcing their pilots and paying them money to be vaccinated. Technically it is not a mandate but if you watch this video, it is unquestionably a mandate - if you are not vaccinated and will be fired, that is pretty much a mandate.

No one is dying from this so called "pandemic" - close to 99% recover with no treatment and never going to the hospital, plus viruses are way down in the summers and almost non existent with those with normal vitamin D levels. So why is the entire world still rushing to push this vaccine? Why? I think all the woke people know this answer, but for those who don't know, ask yourself why.

Why are pilots being incentivized for taking these vaccines?
Why is this vaccine free when the death rates are identical to the yearly flu?
Why are they offering free beer, marijuana joints, donuts, work incentives, pizza, hot dogs - wouldn't you want to associate the vaccine with something healthy? In Seattle strip clubs they are having strippers give a lap dance for a vaccine while you are getting your lap dance a nurse will shoot you up. Is this what our health industry has come to??
Folks, this is an agenda -- period. The world is controlled by a cabal at the very top of the pyramid and their agenda is to depopulate this planet by 90%. They have spent hundreds of years infiltrating every country and they are the usury bankers that are behind all the wars, they have complete control of the world media, most of the politicians and they control the top of the medical industry that tells our doctors what to do and how to do it.
If you think that this vaccine was designed to keep you healthy and you think the people behind them are good people and care for the masses -- you need to rethink this and ask a lot of questions - like why they chose the PCR test - is the PCR test accurate - have they isolated the SARS/Coronavirus - why studies were hidden from the public on hydroxychloroquine, why isn't Ivermectin being prescribed, why are not we focused on zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C - there are thousands of questions that need answered. Why are they pushing an experimental vaccine on the world when 99% recover with no treatment whatsoever?
The quicker we all wake up the quicker these thugs will stop this genocide. They are truly scared to death that the masses will catch on.

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