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Illuminati NWO elites live in thousands of space-age underground pedophile cities without pollution while they try to depopulate earth surface humans with nuclear war & COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccines
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (January 2021). Globalist elites have fantasy highly-advanced higher dimensional civilizations under the ground where they live, like Agartha and Shambhala and Shangrila. This is where the real elites live and manage the world. They have opera theaters and mega supermarkets and theme park shopping malls and artificial suns and artificial weathers and beautiful parks and lakes and yachts and resorts and hotels. This is where they live, while the humans live on the surface of the earth with chemtrails and GMO foods and poison child vaccines and pollution and parasite petroleum non-free energy and primitive medical science and non-spaceship primitive vehicles and tax parasitism, just like in their movie “Elysium.” They have genetic experiments to create the perfect human, so there are many failed experiment deformed slaves there as in their movie “Total Recall” (1990). They are trying to depopulate God’s humans on the surface of the earth, and make them into nuclear war rotted bodies, while their Santander bank receives all Wayfair and thousands of other child trafficking money. Their movie “Tomorrowland” shows their globalist elites’ pedophile cannibal nephilim alien & chimera alien incarnate avatars underground cities where they conduct all the sodomy and rape and human meat feast Satanist spirit cooking rituals. The humans are forced to live on the slave surface of the earth. Kim Goguen reports that these Draco factions, both Nazis and communists, did not crash planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, during their 9.11 CIA Nazi shadow rogue government’s global terrorism DHS false-flag satanic ritual sacrifice of thousands of humans. They kidnapped those planes, and they did horrible things to the passenger humans. Kim reports that Satan Lucifer’s fallen angels spread CIA poison chemicals in their 9.11 World Trade Center CIA bombings, so that every human homo-sapiens specie person within many blocks of that who came to rescue their fellow humans, now have cancer. It is a big entertainment for them to see the human dying. The hundreds of millions of people and the World Council that rules the world all live in these underground cities, with clean air and limb-regrowth age-regression disease-healing med beds and regeneration tanks, and utopian dream world. They kidnap millions of human homo-sapiens specie children as sex slaves and their Nazi “black sun” black nobility families’ slave labor. All these thousands of Hollow Earth underground cities with artificial suns, so that you do not even know you are living underground, are all connected by maglev trains so that you can travel to the other side of the world in a few minutes. All these millions and millions of Luciferian Gryffindor witches and Satanist Slytherin witches Illuminati NWO globalist elites, who were told that they have a space available in the underground cities, were all going to be betrayed and nuked on the surface of the earth. They were told that if they do a good work exterminating the humans, they would be given luxurious homes and pools and tennis courts, too, in these underground cities, with lots of human child sex slaves and failed clone experiment deformed servants. Kim Goguen exposes that the all the Draco reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar warlock and wizard Satanist mafia gangster families are controlled by Ireland’s IRA Draco Satanist avatars. Kim and her Pleiadians say that the mafia are run by the Holy See that runs the Satanist Draco headquarter Vatican. The Holy See are the Canaanite nephilim giants’ disembodied demon spirits in modern miniature human avatar bodies.

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