Brighteon Broadcast News, Oct 23, 2023 - CHAIN REACTION: 22 DEVASTATING things that will happen if Israel launches full assault against Gaza
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0:00 Intro

3:11 IQ Test

2:14 Chain Reaction

1:18:10 Interview with Steve Quayle

- First global IQ test targeted believers in "science," using the covid psyop, FEAR and demanded obedience to #vaccines

- Second global IQ test targets Christians with another psyop (in Israel), using psychological terror to demand a HOLY WAR

- #Depopulation globalists have many clever ways to deceive people on the Left and the Right, to push global #genocide against humanity

- If Gaza is attacked with a ground assault, the IDF will experience devastating losses

- US military bases will be attacked across the Middle East

- Energy prices will skyrocket, causing #inflation and #famine worldwide

- The USA unleashes massive money printing to fund a 3-front war: $1 trillion a week

- Treasury yields skyrocket as the world rejects the debt of the failing US empire

- #Israel is the first to launch a nuclear attack as Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Turkey and Russia threaten Israel's borders

- Nuclear retaliation could strike US aircraft carriers, providing perfect justification for the USA to enter world war

- #Israel will likely be nuked in retaliation, then completely overrun

- Global supply chains collapse; economies grind to a halt

- US #dollar collapses, US banks fail, and eventually the US government defaults and collapses

- Savings, investments, stocks and pensions are all nearly wiped out

- US cities erupt with violence and lawlessness, "warlord" mode activated

- US states declare independence and launch their own currencies

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