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"The Big Lie!" Update 5-23-2021: LAWFARE-Maricopa County Attorney Launches Assault On Audit.
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Published 6 months ago |
In this "The Big Lie!" Update:
Breaking news out of Georgia as Judge Brian Amero orders ballots unsealed and scanned after serious discrepancies are discovered. The New Hampshire Audit confirms machine totals from the Nov. 3 election were indeed incorrect. Pennsylvania election Officials says coding of dominion voting machines caused mislabeling of republican ballots as democrat. And Maricopa county attorney launches Lawfare assault against the audit.

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My Previous Audit Update from May 19th 2021:

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Letters and documents covered in the video:
American Oversight v Arizona Senate Maricopa County Audit:

Litigation Hold Letter to Senate President Fann:

Windham, NH Forensic Audit Tally Data:

Georgia Ballot Transparency Initiative:

VoterGA Lawsuit Founders Unite w/ Pulitzer Expert Team:

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