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Published 2 months ago |
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— 00:04:26 Day 64 of America Held Hostage - children play in isolation squares, priest’s holy water squirt gun for drive-thru service, salon owner attacked by CPS & OSHA. But more sheriffs are standing with the Constitution & the people and some churches are taking back their God-given rights

— 00:34:09 Pastor whose church was shut down by cops, videotapes & shames 20 of them ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks

— 00:41:47 It’s not about disease but politics. The Dallas official who jailed salon owner Shelley Luther, dismissed all concern about Ebola 6 years ago when the man who died from it was an illegal immigrant. Fauci’s non-response also stand in stark contrast to today.

— 00:55:46 Trump’s vaccine czar rocks the stock market with inflated test results

— 01:04:09 Trump’s $138M Dept of Defense vaccine program — each profiled syringe with an RFID/NFC tag for tracking location, date, time of YOUR injection

— 01:13:19 The unthinkable garbage computer model used by “two very smart people” to hoodwink Trump into a national lockdown

— 01:23:42 Rockefeller Foundation’s white paper for test/track global ID program

— 01:37:51 Jason Goodman,, goes beyond his viral interview with Alan Dershowitz where Dershowitz said the govt can and should force vaccinate people. What was going on with medical research at Harvard, with funding by Epstein, including injectable nano-bots? And Jason, relates what he’s seen (and not seen) in and around hospitals in NYC during the shutdown

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