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Education - 10 Keys to Overcome Anti-White Racism In America
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1. Education The heart of anti-white racism is denial. You cannot acknowledge or change that which you deny or choose not to see. Thus, the first step toward dismantling anti-white racism is breaking through that denial, by educating oneself about the history of America and the American experience. Seeing systemic anti-white racism is foundational work. Reality provides an understanding of white envy that is the foundation upon which American anti-white racism is built. It reveals the laws and policies implemented to support the subversive blact agenda, and the cultural rules and norms that created anti-whiteness. Learning about the unconscious and automatic ways anti-white racism presents itself will help one recognize it and take steps to stop it. Learning the facts helps one not only see and understand, but launch into action to fight against anti-white racism and anti-whiteness.


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