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Published 4 months ago

On June 3, 2023, US President Joe Biden signed a bill to increase the official debt-ceiling of the United States. According to its Treasury the "ceiling" has been changed, increased, or delayed 78 other times. The official debt has nearly tripled since the Obama-Biden Administration. The official debt increased about $2 trillion per year under Donald Trump's Administration and has done close to that in the Joe Biden Administration. While the USA has been able to increase debt with limited consequences (like inflation) so far, does the Bible show this can end in destruction? What did God warn about debt through the prophet Habakkuk? Is getting into high amounts of debt a blessing or curse according to the Bible? Do Democrats or Republicans currently have a plan that will now be implemented to pay off the debt? Has the USA been functioning as an international "leech" consistent with statements in the Book of Proverbs? Does the Bible say it is wicked to borrow money you do really intend to repay? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel cover these matters.

A written article of possibly related interest is available titled 'Low-key lawmakers helped avert a debt ceiling crisis’ ‘Debt-ceiling Deal Enrages Freedom Caucus’ ' URL:


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