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The Good Fight ForEvermore - Noble Lies: America in Peril 2021-22
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Published 8 months ago |
12 8 2021 The Good Fight ForEvermore Noble Lies: America in Peril 2021/2

Thirty years ago, a whistle blower came out of Fort Huachuca AZ. He was an Military Intelligence Agent who was not pleased at what he saw and produced his first of many videos trying to caution us all that we were getting sold out to global powers. His first show was titled “America in Peril”, so today we will dedicate this show to his efforts.

First, Gordon Chang’s cautions about dealing with communist China
In response to China Flying over Taiwan and violating the Air Apace The U.S. Should be flying over China’s space because it is still considered “International Air Space” Communist China has every intention of violating the Treaty
General Kellogg
Cold War with China and Russia
Ukraine: Putin thinks he is the modern day Peter The Great who can still serve for decades as Leader of Russia
Break NATO
Russia Controls 60% the gas supply to Europe when the pipeline Biden Approved is running he will control 80% of the European Gas.
Russia took Crimea with Obama and Biden in Office
We are raging war on U.S. Gas and Oil. Why?
China building a Military Base in Western Africa
China Already has a base in Djibouti

Linking Africa and the Middle East and opening out to Europe via the Suez Canal in the north, the Red Sea is of particular interest to the global markets: it is the main passageway for Gulf oil to reach North America…

China has actively engaged in African trade, investment, and aid. Since China began countering piracy in the Gulf of Aden in 2009, Beijing has permanently deployed its navy forces, paving the way to formally open its first overseas military base in Djibouti in 2017. China pays $20 million annually to lease the base.

Uganda: China took control of the airport there because they couldn’t pay the debt. They will do the same in Panama
Russia and China Fleets will be together in the Atlantic
Latin America, the Caribbean

Dec 3, 2021
GOP Senator Questions Official On China Undermining Democracy In The Caribbean. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) spoke about

China attempting to undermine Democracy in the Caribbean.

Jim Jordan: 'The Biden Administration Is A Disaster' In remarks at a House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spoke about the Protecting Our Democracy Act.

Jim Jordan: Fix The Border and Supply Chain

Victor Hansen
Drums of War beating Again, Biden insults Putin and carries a twig
Insulting Putin achieves nothing with just tough talk
What did Trump Do? Biden’s Team?

China sees this and we are losing any deterrent to avoid war/Leverage
We are busy attacking ourselves with Social Justice
NY Times Germany is threatening to stop buying Russian Energy

Tucker - Shutdown DC Rally? “Shutdown The Capitol
Pelosi’s installed Sgt at Arms Walker, it is no big deal
Let’s go back to Jan 6th 2021, and the Democrat Committee including Liz Cheney
Rep Benny Thompson Miss who has seen the videos is subpoenaing people who weren’t there
Phone Records/Bank Records
John Eastman who spoke at Trump Rally
News Blackout about subpoenas

Attorney Joseph McBride
Agent Provocateurs
Police Brutality is on tape that the Congress will not release to the public.
A Woman with a MAGA Hat on was beaten to an inch of her life
What will happen when she speaks out Our way of life is at stake
McBride has seen the video, a JFK style cover up !!!
The Truth is on our side
They are still holding people without charging them, who do they think they are, or a better question is Who Are They?

Patriot Purge Tucker Special
They took away copies of their pocket Constitutions!

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