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How to Take CDS Wherever You Are and Not Lose Any Strength.
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Published 2 years ago |
Here is a great idea on how to use CDS without losing any CLO2 gas! Thanks, Radoslav. Also would work with CDH.

Don't forget to keep CDS out of sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the sun will immediately cause CLO2 gas to come out of a water solution. But, since the CDS is trapped inside the syringe, probably not a big deal. :)

UPDATE: It was discovered that some syringes can be a problem when they contain CDS for long periods of time. The syringe plunger piston, the black rubber thing on the end of the plunger, can be degraded when in contact with CDS for many hours. The problem type of rubber is natural rubber. Silicone rubber should be fine to use for this application. Syringes that use silicone for the piston are available. One brand is Basik and they make a 10ml syringe which is a good size for this method of using CDS. You can not tell by the color of the piston what it is made from!
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