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Revelatorium Revelations Video Series- E2: TREE of LIFE Lecture w/ Discussion [un-edited]
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We are in the Golden Age
Published 8 months ago |
Hello and welcome everyone to We are in the Golden Age,

I am your host Peter Ross of the Mouck family

It's a great honor to welcome back Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone, a.k.a Delstarr

Mr. Livingstone will be starting today's discussion/lecture on the important topic called The Tree of LIfe.

It is not what you were commonly told to believe by religious pipers. It is not a burning tree on the side of a mountain like depictions show, the lecture in today's episode covers the Tree of Life, so understanding can be had and previous illusions dissolved, placed there by negative entities and mishap.

The 3.5 million year mire of mentallized illusion and crystallized thoughts/patterns is ending within this last dispensation. 'humans' will no longer be involved in a 3rd dimensional timeline situation on Earth at the end of it 1992 years from now.

Also known as the Age of Aquarius

The Revelatorium Revelations [all three books], can be considered pre-school to University in the basic knowledge and understandings of Creation and of the Creators Alpha/Omega, in order to be in loving service to Creation for the Creators Alpha/ omega.

Website links: [being updated]

you can purchase the Revelatorium Revelations series on the link:;;ref=nb_sb_noss,

Full color copy is beautiful and recommended.

Lectures/discussions/Q&A with Delstarr is weekly on Wednesdays, Starrgram Readings of the Revelatorium Revelations Series are on the Sabbath ( Saturdays).

If you would like questions asked/answered on the Episode please send them to: [email protected]

[within reasonable time to recording of episode, episodes are recorded on Wednesdays @ 7:00pm PST].

So stay tuned for more, thanks for watching,

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For Light and Love with Will serving Creation,

I'm your host Peter Ross of the Mouck family,

Many Blessings and remember

We are in the Golden Age
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