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COVID Vaccine D-Day, Saline Shots For Everyone?
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Published 2 years ago |
X53A Déjà-Flu: History Repeating Itself By The Hands Of The Globalists And Their Authoritarian Priest Class?

What we are seeing now, is a repeat of 1976 on a global scale, where globalist controlled CDC 'advertised' one vaccine, BUT WOUND UP GIVING THE PUBLIC AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT VACCINE CONCOCTION. However, this time in reverse, they learned their 1976 mistake. The 'REAL' soft kill vaccine will NOT come until EVERYONE is vaccine mandate compliant.

Operation Warp Speed general admits ['signals'] that the US army ALREADY has had stockpiles of [?] something called a vaccine BEFORE drug cartels were finished with phase III trials. What exactly do they have stockpiled ready to inject the public with? I contend that the 'signal' given by both intelligence run CBS and, the US army, is that [like in 1976] the public is going to get a saline vaccine UNTIL the corporate state has full compliance. Only until them will the REAL soft kill vaccines be doled out to the 'unessentials'

Document and report ALL vaccine deaths / injuries days... weeks...months...years after vaccines. VERY VERY important.

Right On Cue... Does anyone remember el presidente Gerold Ford posing for his 'Safe Shot' for the cameras as the vaccine gave rise to crippling paralysis to thousands?

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