Pandemic Treaty: Reports of Its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
222 views • 10/13/2022

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My original article about the rise of Pandemic Treaty 2.0 had some flaws to it. I'm not sure what those flaws were, but considering there were questions sent to me that I felt had been explained, it's on me that I didn't state everything clearly enough. I followed up that article with another from Natural News that answered some of the questions.

Now, I'm turning to Kit Knightly at Off-Guardian to add more clarifications and updates. The Pandemic Treaty is still moving full-steam ahead, but the mammoth opposition that it hit in late spring and early summer has almost completely dissolved. Most who fought against it then are acting like we already won when in reality this is getting closer to becoming a reality. I suspect we'll start seeing moves made in December. I see it implemented in 2023 or possibly 2024 (Knightly's article below leans toward 2024 as well). It will be swift and there won't be much opposition because they will likely roll it out when some crisis either prompts them to do so or is unrelated and acts as a distraction.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into Knightly's article and offered perspectives on why this is such an existential threat. Here's the video from the segment specifically about the Pandemic Treaty.

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