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U.S. Government Ordering Farmers to DESTROY Crops and Dump Oil Aug 23, 2021
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Letters" to American farmers telling them they have "X" number of days to DESTROY THEIR CROPS IN THE GROUND, for which they will be paid 1.5 times the crop value, or face losing farm subsidies The United States Department of Agriculture is INTENTIONALLY creating a FOOD SHORTAGE. They are sending "Destruction which will Bankrupt the farm!

Even worse, they are also telling businesses to DUMP any oil supplies/reserves onto roads or into the ground... throw it away, under the excuse that they must do so to help stabilize oil prices. If they fail or refuse to throw away the oil they own, they risk tens of thousands of dollars in fines!

Take a look at what our tax money is being used to do: Create food shortages, and raise oil prices.

By controlling food, they will have absolute control over people.

Our own public servants, whose jobs exist to serve us, are using our money to cut off our food supplies!

The compilation video shows:
Video of farmers destroying crops and paid by government to do so.
Video of farmers dumping oil to "stabilize the oil market."
Video of containers arriving in port and workers being told to just let them sit.

Farmer talks about EO 14008 and how government is buying farming land to NOT grow crops and create mass starvation by "Tackling the Climate Crisis At Home and Abroad."

What the government is doing has to be stopped. Either we step up NOW and put an end to what's going on, or the government will have such control over our food supplies that they will be able to put an end to us.
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