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** NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO GO ** Mike Adams – 22/Jan/2022
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Published 8 months ago |
** We Have Done Everything We Could | MIKE ADAMS 2022
- Video:
- Health Ranger Mike Adams puts out a very timely and important statement - it's time to stop trying to convince anyone of what's really going on. Those who are not willing to see it now will just hold you back.
** People who wish to remain asleep
- Andi Hayes, 08/Aug/2018
- Commentary:
-- The term “sheeple” was coined for the type of people who blindly follow the herd like sheep and wish to remain ignorant of truth.
But I prefer to call them “sleeple,” as in people who wish to remain asleep – a term that doesn’t denigrate the animal. Because the gentle and docile nature of a sheep is a trait of goodness, not of stupidity.
** There are only 3 types of Americans: The Neanderthals, the Sheeple, and the Independents (a.k.a. the “Informed”)
- Natural News, S.D. Wells – 28/Mar/2020
- Full Article:
-- With the coronavirus pandemic comes a much easier helicopter view of three “classes” of people in the United States, based on several easily-identifiable traits, actions and mental capacity, in general. Most Americans believe that the news on television and in the newspapers is real. They don’t realize that the coverage of a local story about a person or small business is completely different than “world news” or “national news” that’s nearly, if not completely, fake. Two tiers of Americans fall for the narratives, accounting for over 200 million people nationwide.
The Neanderthals
First off are the Neanderthals. These are people who become violent when the news upsets them, and the state and federal government take full advantage of their primitive and reactionary “state of mind.” States have already started banning the sale of alcoholic beverages, guns and ammunition. The U.S. government thinks ahead and wants to get the guns and booze out of the hands of the modern-day Neanderthals that haphazardly roam the metropolitan cities of America.
Neanderthals may have cell phones and cars, but they’re still mighty primitive. If they see an opportunity to get away with crime, they’ll take it, especially in the middle of a fake-news-manufactured-crisis. They’ll steal, fight in public, engage in road rage, sexually assault and rape, and even kill.
The Sheeple
Second come the Sheeple. These are folks who think they’re informed, but they’ve got all the wrong information, fake facts, fake science, and poorly concocted yet dogmatic opinions formed off of and based on all the trickery. Big Food, Biotech, Big Pharma, TV, newspapers, shill websites, and social media have the sheeple hypnotized, dumbed down, mesmerized, confused, dazed and punch-drunk.
The Sheeple still think the Democrat politicians aren’t total communists who want to destroy the country, eliminate the middle class, and create a police state government nobody will ever escape from again. They just can’t see it. They’ll be the first ones to run out and get injected with a dangerous, experimental COVID-19 vaccine, should one “come out.”
The sheeple are people who follow each other (like the name implies for sheep or even cattle) because they can never think for themselves. They get the flu shot every year and the mercury eviscerates their central nervous system and systemic brain function. They drink fluoridated water from the tap that lowers their IQ levels drastically. They eat blood-clogging, heart-damaging canola oil daily. They take prescription medications regularly, thinking that helps them stay alive. They are sheeple. They will walk slowly right off a cliff if the rest of the herd leads them there.
The Independents
The independents are the informed. They are educated, and not specifically in that school way, but they can distinguish reality, organic food and natural medicine from the fake news, bad food and twisted medicine. These people are “street smart.” Many run their own businesses, own land, own guns, grow their own food, are fully stocked with supplies, eat mostly organic food, drink only filtered water, and understand what supplements, superfoods and tinctures help with immunity and to fuel longevity.
- Cont'd --
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