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Published 4 months ago |
At a time of great economic uncertainty and civil division Mr. Newsom believes that implementing a policy that will exacerbate both is somehow the right thing to do. The absurdity of punishing citizens for crimes they never committed is overshadowed by the fact that reparations will not cure the black community of the diseased culture trapping most of our black citizens on a path of self destruction, ironically not a symptom of past slavery, but a symptom of socioeconomic policies designed to render the threat of black exceptionalism impotent. With what we know of Mr. Newsom’s character, do you really believe that he’s been losing sleep deliberating on the plight of black Californians? I would hope that you aren’t that naive. He only cares for himself and what can grant him more power. So why then would he push reparations now? Why during a global pandemic would reparations even be on his radar? This will create racial resentment where there was none. This will create racial tension where there was none. Based on California’s track record the expectation is that the implementation of this policy will be wrought with mismanagement, inconsistent qualifying disbursement requirements, and fraud. Gavin Newsom’s magnanimity ends and begins once the cameras are on. I can only speculate as to what his motives are, but I can assure you that “Mr. French Laundry” does not have a benevolent bone in his body. If he really wanted to address what ails black Californians then why is he not addressing the disproportionate number of black babies aborted annually in comparison to other ethnic groups? How come that disparity is never blamed on systemic racism? How come I’ve never heard him address the prevalence of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes running rampant through the black community? While he’s busy releasing violent criminals back into our cities to continue their pattern of terrorizing our law abiding brothers and sisters, why is he not attempting to mitigate the loss of life do to black on black crime? Why has he not made the destruction of the black family a top legislative priority, even Obama knew the stats on fatherless homes? The truth is he dresses up in a nice suit, slicks his hair back, practices his smile in the mirror, and then stands before you telling you whatever he needs to to get you to carry him on your back straight into the Oval Office where he can continue to order food at a $1000 a plate while you can’t step out your front door without getting robbed by the same criminal the police arrested two weeks prior.


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