Sarah Westall & Dave Hodges 2024 Interview
154 views • 4 months ago

One of the best interviews with Dave Hodges i've ever seen! So much covered here.


No America = No 2024 Election

Civil War & Martial Law

China & Russia Invasion

Supreme Court

Davos & Disease X

Frequencies & Mind Control, Jose Delgado

Life & Death Insurance Payouts

Satan's Planet

Carbon Lifeforms Vs. Silicone

Science by Consensus

No Flesh = AI Victory

Hypnosis (Guided Imagery) Vs. Perceptual Defense

Segmented Destruction of Human Lifespans

Withdraw Compliance

Gaia & Paganism

Danger of Tracklists & Confinement Cities

Kari Lake & GOP Corruption

Forces of Evil Merging

The World is Waking Up

Everything on Table for our Transhumanist Replacements

"Tyranny needs complicity & compliance from the citizens & when you withdraw it, they collapse... we can collapse this communist conspiracy that's sinking our country by not complying." - Dave

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