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Anime artist SakimiChan gets verbally harassed on Twitter for pictures & Last of Us 2 story plot sadly leaked
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Published 2 months ago |
leaked by naughty dog Employee.Links to all 3 of the articles (and trending statistics post)i read:
Long story short. you can hear the upsetness and sadness in my voice of me talking about both of these topics because number One!I really truly hope that none of these SJW 3rd wave feminist dipshits don'tend up hacking or doxxing Cute adorable creative talented pin up girl artists Sakimi Chan's twitter Instagram or Patreon account.And number 2 sony and naughty dog studios better put up better security in case one of their disgruntled Naughty Dog employees try to leak out real info from their gaming studios! So that pretty much wraps up the video!!!Peace out once again ladies and gentlemen bros women fanboys and fan girls and of course as always otaku's and hikikomori's out there.i will see you when I see you.You guys have a good day or good night wherever you are at in the universe out there.stay tuned for more article session review like videogaming industry news anime manga news and internet news and reaction videos and thats pretty it!Take it easy.Peace out I'm out like sauerkraut lates and goodbye and I'll see you on the flipside!!!(hopefully my social media platform accounts still exists and are safe)


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