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Shocking Vaxxine Faxx 2 | Antagonist's Masquerade
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Published a year ago |
"Shocking Vaxxine Faxx" Part 2.
This is a compilation videos from the videos I've collected about vaccines. Lets get real, shall we? Faxx that are contrary to what our health providers spew and in opposition to what are regulatory agencies provide to the public as PR surface material. Little do the unsuspecting notice or come to question what props up and lies from beneath. Many dont dare to go down deep to see the underbelly. Are they so trusting? or do they have suspicions but want to ignore an unfriendly truth? Or is it the case that people could just care less? If that is the case, humanity is doomed and to escape that fate we must find courage to look at the ugly truth and so we can make change. Once you take the journey, the discovery of understanding the true reason why people are veamentily against vaccines, what you find will shock you, possibly change your mind and hopefully you will join in on this battle for health freedom for ourselves and our children. Losing this battle has devastating implications that nothing short of frightening. This video may change your world view of vaccines, you will not have to unknowingly participate under the control of corrupt self interests that do not have your best interests in mind. This is a conspiracy against every person and child on the planet. Instead of reading through scientific studies I have clips of presenters whom have compiled the documented Information I found to be factual and provide it in a more entertaining way.

I do not believe all doctors are useless, they are either healing or they are poisoning. The allopathic medicine model has little to do with healing, what they call medicine is based from petrolium which is poisonous to the body. They further chemically distort nature so they can get a patent. They chose the road to profit and left the road to medicine. And our healthcare system masquerades as though its not on the road of exploitation and falsely poses to be taking the road of Medicine. They promote pills that nobody knows what's actually in them, just take it, just trust us. Health is based off nutrition sufficiency; Vitamins, minerals, and a deficiency leads to disease. Doctors are advised only to push pills that have no nutritional value and have a long list of side effects. They use fear to push their products. They create labels for you to hang around your neck. If you believe it then you will live it as so many do. Is it a wonder these same people ignore the fact that the healthcare system is the leading cause of death and disease? The caduceus is their god which has been the doctrine they were raised believing. I was fortunate enough to peel myself away. I analyzed with my eyes and mind and I didnt blindly mindlessly trust. You take an honest deep look and you will be shocked. People will attack you for even questioning, isnt that a reason to question? Are you free to think, have opinions and personal ideas? Or is that a lie? If we cant question we arent free. It's the antagonist's masquerade to enslave you. Pretending to be one thing when it is the opposite. The world isnt as pretty under its make up. You become awake when you see through the sharade.

Thanks for whatching.

Sidenote: I was having struggles trying to name this video. Other names I thought of:
Cloaked Doctor
Doctor Duplicity
The Children Forgotten
Health Dressed Vaccine
Death Dressed As Vaccine
Death Disguised In Medicine
Disguised Death
A Lifelong Disease Of Suffering
Get Them Young
The Protagonist Masquerade
After Our Children

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