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GIDEON in SEARCH of TRUTH (English subtitles)
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Published 2 years ago

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Gideon Frederik Cornelis van Meijeren is a Dutch civil servant and politician, who has been representing Forum for Democracy in the House of Representatives since the 2021 general election. He also holds a seat in the States of South Holland. He previously worked as a legislative adviser for the government. Gideon: In Search of the Truth takes you along with Van Meijeren on his quest for answers to these and more questions about the corona crisis. Questions that are alive and well among the people, but to which he, and with him the people of the country, get no answers in the House of Representatives. A place where Van Meijeren, in his own words, often feels like a 'cry in the desert'. Where he gets no answers to his "justifiably pressing" questions. Where, instead, he is invariably framed and judged for form, making any form of democratic debate impossible from the outset. Ministry refuses to answer In early October last year, Van Meijeren asked sixty parliamentary questions about the corona policy. The questions concerned, among other things, the scientific basis, the experimental nature of the vaccines and the unresearched long-term side effects. But also about the usefulness of the QR code and the social disruption and polarization it has caused. Because the ministry has refused to answer his questions for months, Van Meijeren started his own search. Dangerous situation By not answering his questions, Van Meijeren says the constitutional right to intelligence is effectively becoming a dead letter. "I can't do my job if I don't get answers to questions. Because my main job is to monitor the government, it has to be accountable. And if it doesn't do that, you end up with a situation where a small group of individuals have a lot of power, but are not accountable. And that's a very dangerous situation." Cast & credits In addition to Gideon van Meijeren, the following people speak in the documentary: Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit, Twan Houben, immunologist Dr. Carla Peeters, Henk van Dalen, Prof. Dr. Theo Schetters, Wassila Hachchi and Brian de Lange. Gideon: in search of the truth is a production of the documentary makers of Docsfair, in cooperation with Max von Kreyfelt of Café Weltschmerz. Docsfair previously made the high-profile documentaries COVID-19 The System and World War C, among others.

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