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Youtube Boondoggle
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Justin Trouble
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Published a year ago

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This is a test. In order to fix the issue of our subscribers not receiving notifications for our videos as they are set to receive, Youtube demands that we make a new video and then give them some info. We won't bore you with the details. But we do apologize for this video. It's Youtube's fault. Back in 2017 Youtube began to harass us for reporting facts that the left does not like. We have been limited in searches. We have been censored, given channel strikes, suspended, soft-banned, shadow-banned, etc. by Youtube. We've also been sanctioned by Facebook, Rokfin, Rumble, Disqus, Wordpress, Twitter, Wimkin, harassed on the street,by antifa, evicted, etc. Many of you tell us that Youtube doesn't notify you about our new videos though you are set to receive such notifications. We've been trying to get them to fix that. We've got nowhere with them though we have spent a lot of time and effort. Also, Youtube stopped giving us the notifications we are set to receive about new videos on channels we subscribe to. We have been given nothing but a run around by Youtube over these issues. They require that we gather 3 such subscribers, upload a new video, see if those 3 subscribers receive the notification for that new video and give Youtube the info. It sure does seem like deflection, but here we go. Again, sorry about this video. This is how independent voices are silenced. So please see the info in the description. Don't let these people win. Let freedom ring.


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