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The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, 'Sergei Shoigu' has given an Interview Today
Published 5 months ago

⚠️ Breaking News

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu has given an interview today to Zvezda News (the Ministry of Defense's press agency) detailing the progress of military and industrial activities related to the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. We will be providing you with video interviews and a breakdown of what Shoigu said.

➡️ Thus far it is impossible to describe the Ukrainian offensive across the front as anything but a significant failure. Across the front since 4 June Ukrainian losses are estimated by the Russian Ministry of Defense as follows

➡️ 26,000 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in action since 4 June 2023, this includes all areas of fighting across the front as well as in strikes by the Russian Air Force in their logistics' depth.

➡️Approximately 3,000 pieces of equipment have been knocked out or destroyed by Russian forces since 4 June including 1,244 🛻 and heavy armored vehicles, 914 special military vehicles. Among these 17 German Leopard and 5 French AMX light tanks were destroyed.

➡️403 artillery and 💣 pieces have been destroyed or disabled, along with 25 MLRS vehicles.

Also not on this video - The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, noted that the activities of the Russian Armed Forces are monitored closely by foreign intelligence agencies and they all speak about the effectiveness of the Russian Armed Forces.


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