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SN1028: Unrest Or Else, CoViD Report & Dividing The Wealth | Factions Of Freedom
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Factions Of Freedom
Published 8 months ago |
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With society becoming ever-so crazed and afraid, it is becoming quite interesting to see which fears people gravitate to, as well as the response it summons. For we are not given a spirit of fear, this is all in the mind! Yes, I think many would agree that our horizons are unstable and gloomy, no doubt, but it is this fear that has always hindered us from doing what is required.

American politicians have essentially greenlit the destabilizing behavior of their constituents in the time of a pandemic, giving contradictory directives to their supporters, only for them to be jailed, or worse, harmed by their ignorance. This type of schism is what is tearing our country apart and causing so much polarization, as mentioned in our previous episode. Many would agree that we need talks of restoration and healing, instead of more divisive topics, however, the time for peaceful resolution isn’t upon us.

Even so, with the organized chaos being played out at an accelerated rate nationwide as well as around the world, the coordination sometimes eludes people. Something of this magnitude, being able to gradually usher in totalitarian technocratic control, can’t happen overtly because it exists in the shadows. From Shadowgate, to disappearing people over coughs, to imbuing law enforcement capabilities to teenagers, this episode is one for the books. Society is being purposely restructured in front us, who knows if we’ll be here on the flipside.

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