Notice to Law Enforcement ["NEVADA COUNTY SHERIFF CA" and "GRASS VALLEY, POLICE DEPT.) Statement of Crimes & Demand for Action... See Notes below:
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The criminal complaint:

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To access the evidence folder:

To go directly to the written Criminal Report:

The following is a crime report that was produced by the Nevada county assembly, Committee of safety and recorded in Nevada city, California on January 28, A.D. 2022. This criminal report was intended to be read before the Nevada county Sheriff and Grass Valley Police Chief. An emergency written request was sent to both offices on the afternoon of Saturday, January 22, A. D. 2022 requesting an emergency meeting to enable us to make this criminal report to the peace keeping officers. As of the filming of this presentation, 6 days later, we have had no return email from either party, no call in response to our emergency request for a meeting from the Nevada county Sheriff, and only a brief call from a Grass valley Police officer, on the afternoon of Wednesday 26, A.D. 2022, which seemingly was intended to stall us from making a criminal complaint. Since both the Sheriff and Police chief have failed to convene a meeting with us, we have chosen to make this presentation public and file our evidence of crimes to the UNITED STATES Military via the U.S. Provost Marshall’s Office and to the United States Navy, Judge Advocate General’s Office.

Notes for readers :
Nevada county assembly [Nca] Criminal complaint:
COVID Vaccines, Swabs et al are bioweapons styled as vaccines.
Served on Nevada county Sheriff and Grass Valley Police on January 31, A.D. 2022

Evidence Folder QRC code or URL (will be updated as information comes our way):

To direct comments to N.c.a. Assembly:
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Nevada county assembly
c/o 2036 Nevada city highway [near: 95945], #619,
Grass Valley, California republic

For Interviews / Press:
[email protected]

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