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The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 8
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Factions Of Freedom
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There's no doubt that things are heating up by every metric worldwide, and as always, we're curious as to why. What's the point of all this tension? Who benefits from such contention? Well, I'll tell you what, we don't go down that rabbit hole in this special edition of Factions Of Freedom.

As many people are watching or listening to this, it's either Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, Samhain or some type of occult themed holiday, and we're acknowledging it by dusting off the collection of user-submitted stories we've acquired. From childhood memories of demonic encounters, to traveling back to the 1980s to look at the tale of a family plagued by mysterious forces, I try to explain the strange times we've found ourselves in.

With days as wild as ours are becoming, the concept of strange and weird are being pushed; the evolution of the question of what is paranormal is happening before our very eyes. From studying the Black Eyed Kids phenomenon to looking at how many different ways we're trying to bring forth otherworldly entities into this realm, this episode should spur the curiosity in any seekers mind.

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