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Banned on Twitter guitarist 8 fingers amputated blood clots J&J vaccine kidney failure VAX injuries
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#VaccineSideEffects #VaccinePoison #VaccineDeaths #BoosterShots #Vaccinated Millions #vaccineinjured or #killed #Globally #DoNotComply #PureBlood #PATRIOTSunite #FollowBackPATRIOTS 

Russia China doorstep nuclear war with USA over Ukraine & Taiwan current events July 2022 End Times 

Russia new Nuclear Torpedo submarine radioactive tsunamis can destroy coastal cities NATO High ALERT Russia plans for USA NATO Risk Nuclear World War III Apocalypse @ Doorstep Russia Ukraine invasion leads to Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog War in Israel End Times update Wars Rumors of Wars NATO Russia Ukraine 2022 RAW Putin calls the shots with iron fist declares Nuclear War on table invasion Ukraine Iran making Nuclear Bombs pushes forming of Islamic Arab NATO with Israel Alliance USA Israel military War drills Chariots of Fire simulate attacks on Iran Nuclear targets update Israel ready to bomb Iran nuclear facilities F35's modified no need to refuel Ukraine Strategic control Snake Island battle Russia Lost Nearly $1 Billion in Military Equipment July 2022 Arctic last frontier doorstep of War China Russia USA over natural resources Ukraine using 8 USA HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems Rockets pounding Russian targets NWO New World Order Forming China Russia BRICS Putin Russian invasion Ukraine  Heaven or Hell where will you spend eternity ?

Calvary Calvary Chapel Pastors many Ecumenical Brodersen Rick Warren Osteen Bethel Hillsong Cult Catholicism

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie Rick Warren hillsong churches embrace doctrines of demons current events Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie Rick Warren LukeWarm seeker friendly churches end times Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Ecumenical Pope Francis Catholicism Rick Warren SaddleBack Church Purpose Driven Life False Teaching Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie Rick Warren Levi Lusko Hillsong Bethel promotes Mega Churches Apostasy Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen False Teaching Rick Warren connection Catholic Ecumenical

Left Behind Pre tribulation Rapture Full Movie

HAARP Chem Trails Geo Engineering Weather DEW Direct Energy Weapons 

UFO Sightings - Earthlings ? - Aliens ? or Fallen Angels Deceiving Spirits ?  

Transhumanism Artificial Intelligence Mixing Human Animal DNA 

Human Animal Chimp DNA mixed Genetically Modified Man playing God BeHeavenbound End Times News 


China Wuhan Lab Genetic Engineering Bio Virus Weapon attack Global destruction   

Man Playing GOD - Surgeons for 1st time GENETICALLY MODIFIED Pig Kidney transplant to a Human  


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