Alex Collier - Question and Answer Webinar 37 - April 28, 2023
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04/30/23 02:21:05
Alex Collier - Question and Answer Webinar 37 - April 28, 2023
1647 views • 04/30/2023

Alex hosted his 37th *LIVE* Question and Answer webinar on April 28, 2023. The webinar was just over two hours and 21 minutes in length. This webinar included a 11-minute monologue. Alex answered questions throughout the remainder of the webinar. Hosted by James Harkin from and the former radio host for Wolf Spirit Radio JayPee. Alex presented great insight into what is happening in this world and beyond.

In just over two hours and twenty-one minutes, Alex answered 32 questions. Some of the questions had multiple parts, so Alex spent time answering these questions thoroughly. Due to character limits in the description, here are the top 15 questions that have been paraphrased and as voted up by webinar attendees:

* Were the Knights Templar working for the benefit of humanity?

* Does the soul enter the body at gestation, several months before or at birth?

* How soon do you see the truth in the media?

* What is happening about the ley lines and the axis angle of the earth?

* Is it time for upstairs to take over as Quarterback for the game's final quarter?

* Will there be appropriate psychological, intuitive and spiritual support for those in the space program?

* While reviewing your past lives with the Andromedans, did they show you the times you withheld love?

* Where do souls go when they leave the body at death?

* Are the alliance building unique beds for advanced medical treatments (rewritten because of the censorship on search engines) on the moon?

* Some researchers are saying there is no radioactivity at Fukushima. Did the benevolent assist in clearing it up?

* Do the Andromedans create a Merkabah to manifest outside their motherships?

* If you knew you were ascending in the next hour, what would be your final message for posterity?

* Was monatomic gold dust used by Pharaohs and ET rulers to enhance consciousness?

* Is Black Goo still a threat to humans?

* When the currency collapses, what happens to our debt?

* And Many More!

Funds from this video stream will be given to Alex Collier, and help us bring your Alex Collier regularly. Please do not miss this amazing opportunity to see Alex Collier on video stream and, of course, provide him with some income.

* The music in the trailer is just in the trailer and not the full webinar.

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