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andrea sadegh in talk with henry draper : 20.04.2019
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Published 3 years ago |
Andrea Sadegh is the founder and owner of - network against torture on toddlers and children, who came into the topic of MK ultra over her son, who was taken by Austrian government into governmental care not even 3 years old after his mind fracture and basis programming became visible within horrible flashbacks.

Latest since then, Andrea was targeted by Intel, as the boy was able to name and recognize 72+ perpetrators with close ties to (inter)national secret service and politics. In January 2019, a picture of him was sent to her, showing him with no teeth, meaning the boy lost all his adult teeth, due to torture, not even 10 years old. Before he was taken by Austrian government he told his mother that she shall not only fight for him but for all those others little friends too, who are undergoing these torture crime together worldwide, what led to her work on Trauma Based Mind Control network against torture on toddlers and children.

Andrea has a master’s degree in comparative literature and German, as well a post-graduate in statistics. She is trained as a trainer, coach, counselor and is one of the experts on toddlers and children in MK/SRA/child trafficking programs. She can be found on Facebook as well on

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