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Revelatorium Revelations Video Series: Reading Starrgram- Preface and Universal Disclosure
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We are in the Golden Age
Published 2 months ago |
Hello and welcome to We are in the Golden age

I am your host Peter Ross of the Mouck family

This is Revelatorium Revelations Video Series: Starrgram Reading: Preface and Universal Disclosure

Starting with the Intelligent Design of Creation as Delstarr suggested, then Revelatorium and last is Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host.

We will be doing one starrgram at a time, starting from the beginning and going to the end.

We will be going through the preface and the Universal Disclosure [in the books], which will leave us ready for Starrgram 1: Origins of the Intelligent Design.

The Stargramm readings will be done showing online content from the links below.

So everybody enjoy the reading, there will be visuals as we go. When we get into cubistics there will be visual aides as found in the book and online at the links below.

Once we get going into the Revelatorium Revelations one will easily see this is the real deal, Naturally it will raise your frequency so you can receive the illuminations and be a greater part of the Age of Aquarius a.k.a Golden Age.

So lets begin down the path of true enlightenment.

Enjoy the readings,

take your time to digest the knowledge, everyone is different in their ability to do this.

Website links:

you can purchase the Revelatorium Revelations series on the link:;;ref=nb_sb_noss,

Its a lot easier to gain knowledge and understanding, when its in hand and if the internet goes out, you still have access to the teaching.

Full color copy is recommended.

For Light and Love with Will serving Creation

Im your host Peter Ross of the Mouck family

many blessings.

We are in the Golden Age

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