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— 00:04:39 It’s “war”, but not how they’re telling you. War on Terror was against a “tactic”, War on Drugs, a war against chemicals. They’ve all been a war on you and the Constitution. The War Against Pandemics will be a war against your very life.

— 00:16:06 Coronavirus is killing Biden — politically — and resurrecting Cuomo

— 00:19:36 Why this is NOT worse than 9/11 but will be an even greater threat to liberty

— 00:24:19 Cuomo blames Trump but NYC hospitals were overcrowded “war zones”, lacking basic supplies for more than 3 yrs before coronavirus

— 00:31:56 8 years ago EPA told us everyone would die if we didn’t ban diesel engines as they were gassing people with respiratory issues, just like Fauci, NIH, FDA are threatening today while withholding help

— 01:08:52 Doctors must fight their Governor at same time they fight disease. Physicians are threatened with losing their license if they use a known cure, told they must report other doctors who are curing patients and pharmacists are told NOT to use a drug that’s been shown to cure coronavirus

— 01:23:54 A visual presentation of how govt ALREADY conducted surveillance & grabbed travel history of students at one beach during Spring Break

— 01:28:05 Is God judging America like Sodom & Gomorrah? Will there be a spiritual revival?

— 01:40:02 As children are sent home to learn, what are parents learning about the failure and hidden agenda of the educational institutions. Will parents ever send their children back to school?

— 01:46:12 Jobless claims soaring to 3.3 Million — 5.5 times the previous record — doesn’t come close to the real figure. But they “love you” and “the check’s in the mail”. No, they’re giving you your first hit of a highly addictive drug — for free!

— 01:55:39 CDC, a private organization, is given massive funding for surveillance in the “stimulus” bill.

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