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⁣School children and teenagers throughout UK are suffering from the adverse effects of Covid-19 lock down policies. Guidance, rules and regulations are being ruthlessly enforced by school head teachers on school children of all ages, without any consideration for the risks to their mental health and well being. Indeed, reports from across the UK show that no formal Quantitative Risk Assessments of lockdown, social distancing or masks have been carried out by the Government, NHS or Department of Education to determine adverse effects on the children, and schools appear to have succumbed to the cover-all excuse that "we have to do what the government tells us."
It takes brave people to stand up and challenge this appalling situation. My guest is a very knowlegeable and well informed mother speaking out on the subject of Covid lock down, and the very real risks to our children. She deserves your time to listen to everything she says.
Please also listen in to a psychotherapist also warning of the lockdown dangers to children. Her professional analysis and concerns, reinforce a mother's gut instinct for the safety of her children, which is reinforced by her researched knowledge of the matter, and yet both ladies are unknown to each other. ⁣
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