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Canada Does NOT FUND Its Own History - And We Must
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Published 10 months ago |
The Americans are the best in the world at showing the world what they've got. What America has came at the cost hundreds of thousands of American lives and they probably show off everything that they have done and achieved in the Smithsonian Institute that's the government completely funds because the Americans understand that everybody needs to know their history.

Canada on the other hand has also been built on the backs of numerous and countless Canadian lives but our government puts no effort and no money into remembering and displaying for the world all the efforts of Canadians who helped build this country.

Canada's government has always been one that serves Canadians last and cares nothing about its own history and nothing is more apparent then the museum in Trenton that receives no funding.

The National Air Force Museum of Canada is one that runs solely on donations and they are in trouble. We need a government in place that will do everything in its capacity to protect our heritage. The problem is I have zero faith in any member of government to do just that.

Kevin J. Johnston -

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