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Do not merge with A.I.
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He did not go towards the flock of the sheep! Do you remember Erez Yotam? Come back! Come back to I, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! Come back into MY loving arms!

You took a vow of celibacy! Do you remember how much you loved ME? Do you remember how you gave up all the money? You had a house burn! satan was so angry! Remember! Remember! Remember the price that you paid to preach MY Gospel even into Israel?

Come back! Come back! Don’t you remember? I did not have you go to the flock of sheep that you saw, so fluffy and white and friendly, all together. No, remember? Remember? Come back! Come back! I’m calling you back! MY Erez Yotam, come back! Come on MY son, you can do it! Come on!

I know you’re crawling on your hands and knees and you’re afraid to look up at ME, but I AM YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. I’m the same ONE that was there when you gave your life and soul to ME before. I’m still standing there! I’m still waiting for you and don’t you remember even in the very sign I now remind you of – you did not go to the flock of the beautiful white fluffy sheep. You saw one from afar off that was rejected and alone and that’s the one that you went after and you held it in your arms! Come on! Come on MY son! I want you to remember that what satan wants you to forget!

MY love, MY love, MY love, and mercy! MY Blood! MY Blood! MY Blood! You’re MINE. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH wants to cleanse you! I want to wash you clean MY little black sheep! Oh no, no, you’re not a sheep. You’re the tiniest of the lamb now. You’re a little tiny black lamb but you went after that one little white sheep that was so rejected and forsaken and the other flock did not want any part of it – you went there and you picked up that little white sheep and you held it in your arms and you put it close to your face and Elisheva was given a picture of it and the moment she saw it, her love over flowed for you! Do you remember? I am forcing you to remember!

You’re not god! And you’re not any form of a god! You have to come back and leave the 99 and for 7 months straight MY focus has been on that one that walked and ran away – tears come down MY cheeks as they come down Elisheva’s now – those are MY tears … (YAHUSHUA WEEPING)

Oh, I YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, I plead with you! MY Blood was shed for you Erez Yotam! MY Ezra, you are MY Caleb! Come back to the only GOOD SHEPHERD. There is no salvation except through MY Name and MY Blood.
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