Goldbacks founder Jeremy Cordon and Mike Adams discuss accelerating awareness of GOLD as a solid store of value
2457 views • 2 weeks ago

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- Gold backs as a form of currency, with insights on their value and use cases. (0:01)

- Gold-backed currency and anti-counterfeiting measures. (5:40)

- Gold-backed cryptocurrency and its potential value. (10:38)

- Using gold backs as payment for local businesses to avoid digital currency control. (15:41)

- Gold-backed currency, local control, and digital settlement systems. (20:45)

- Gold back currency as an alternative to fiat currency, with mentions of privacy, trust, and ease of use. (27:44)

- Using gold backs as a decentralized alternative to traditional currency. (34:28)

- Gold backs as a hedge against economic instability. (39:05)

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