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The Great Thievery Denial (told you so, btw, 53 days ago as of today)
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Jesus Is Lord
Published a month ago |
Remarkable that America chose to ignore God's call (talked about in my "Easter Sermon" uploaded here: ) and it's cities are now being plundered (and by no less then other "Americans"), when will America take God's calling seriously? Do we serve Mammon or God? There really isn't any in-between either serve Christ or Satan, so which will America choose? Blessed or Curse? Fruitful or parched? Jesus or Death?

Uploaded June 2, 2020

///////////// MAKE VIRGINIA GREAT AGAIN! HI, I'M JOSIAH REFFO, I'm a licensed Virginia Attorney (though not practicing for now while I run for office and write my book), a US Army Veteran 2003-2009, and have many gifts and talents to give our great nation! VOTE REFFO 2021 Virginia! JOIN THE GREAT FREE WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN, NO DONATIONS, NO BRIBES -> 100% Free BUT YOU HAVE TO SHARE MY MESSAGE! TOTALLY UNCONVENTIONAL CANDIDATE! CONNECT @ or on (NO CENSORSHIP platforms (except Twitter to "save my name" at this point)! Boycott Twitter, Fascistbook, youtube, and Reddit who are the MODERN FASCIST BOOKBURNERS) And Don't forget, JESUS IS LORD! Disclaimer - Nothing in my post is legal advice or forms an attorney client relationship, my opinions do not necessarily represent any organization to which I belong. //////////////

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